Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yes We Can

Yes. We. Can.

Clinton was classless in her non-concession speech, which was basically a shill for money. She invited people to come to her website to give her advice on what to do next. But you can only give advice after donating. So basically like how lobbyists in Washington have access, whilst you and I get to hang with the mail-room intern.

Clinton must not get the VP slot. She has given Sen. Obama no reason to trust her. Without a concession speech, without an acknowledgement of his having attained the necessary ballots, with the solicitation of campaign donations...it's obvious who she truly cares about at this stage.

I do not believe Sen. Clinton is leveraging for a Democratic loss this fall, with hopes of running in 2012. I feel, having watched her speeches and the intense campaign coverage, that she truly believes in her heart she is the more competitive candidate for the fall, and that she will not allow the Democrats to shoot themselves in the foot, so the speak.

She knows better, apparently, that the majority of primary voters, the majority of states won, and the majority of super delegates, as well as polling data that shows him as a stronger candidate (or at least an equal candidate to her) when pitted against Sen. McCain.
She knows better. She. She. She. She. That's what her candidacy has always been about. And today, that other candidate won - that candidate who is about "we".

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