Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alex Misses The Mark

An interesting video from But it's flawed, in a knucklehead way. I totally understand what they were going for - trying to pull at the heartstrings of parents and ram home the human implications of pledging ourselves to decades of time spent in the Middle East.

However, we still do not have a draft, and its not like the mother will have a say over whether little Alex will sign up. The commercial would have been much more effective if the woman had introduced Alex, then said something along the lines of: "John McCain, I hear you saying that you think we should stay in Iraq, and once even said you had no problem with the troops maintaining a significant presence for 100 years. I hope that Americans will think long and hard over what you've said, because when we pledge ourselves to stay in Iraq for decades, we need to remember who we're going to be sending."

And then a close up shot of little Alex gurgling, and perhaps teething on his plastic ring.

THAT would drive the point home.

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