Thursday, June 5, 2008

1998 Was A Very Good Year

I attended a baseball game yesterday with my aunt and uncle on my father's side. Their nephew (on the other side of family) was playing in his high school town championship. He ended up making a great play as a shortstop, and was awarded the league's most valuable player award afterwards. Happiness!

It was a little odd being at Ned Skeldon Stadium again. For those not in the know, Skeldon was the home of the Toledo Mud Hens until 1998 or so, when a new stadium was constructed in downtown Toledo. The new stadium was a huge success and reinvigorated the Mud Hens franchise - they've won several championships since.

So now, Skeldon Stadium is used for college games, high school championships, etc. The county owns it, and it's in pretty good condition. What was freaky was that the advertisements on the outfield walls had not been taken down since 1998. So there was a billboard for Food Town (now out of business) celebrating its 50th anniversary in 1998. And there were ads for cell phones, featuring pictures of cell phones the size of VHS tapes. And all the ads were faded so - it resembled a film set almost.

1998 was a very good year - I was a sophomore in high school. Yikes!

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