Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ah, To Be June, 2001 Again...

I got a letter from Presidential Classroom today, inviting me to the inaugural ball their hosting in January. Out of the blue. Presidential Classroom is this summer camp of sorts for geeky government-type high school kids. Give 'em a wad of money, and you get to spend a week in Washington with visits to the monuments and some talks with a Congressman or two. And presentations at the end regarding some salient issues. I had a fun time - would recommend it to anyone.

But how did they get my address? My student loan lender still thinks I live in Ohio. It must have been my school, unless they called my parents out the blue and weaseled it out of them.

Will I go...I've heard inaugural balls are huge and impersonal and not fun. The newly sworn-in president shows up for five minutes, and coat check is a nightmare. Eh...but it would be cool to see some of those people again, though I guess even that is too much to hope for, since the event would include people from many different sessions and years of the program.

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