Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Was Heartbroken

So I’m in Logan Int’l today, and I go to the food court to get some yummies. I stop at the “health food” restaurant. And order the bacon cheese burger. Tasted awful. The meat was dry, tasteless, and it took so long to chew, I probably burned more calories than I gained in the meal's consumption.

This miserable hovel of a food stand also sold “unfries.” I shit you not. That’s what they were called. Healthy, no doubt. “I shall have the unfries, my good man,” I said.

The miserable fast food worker rings up the sale, then waddles into the back to fetch my vittles. He returns, and without emotion says, “the unfry machine is broken.”

Drat. So no report on those, gentle reader. I know you were keen to know my rating. I am keen to guess they were like Know-Fat's fries (that place on Washington Street, just far away enough from Suffolk to stop my lazy-ass from visiting more often). Though they are the only place in all of Downtown Crossing with reasonably late hours.

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