Friday, May 30, 2008


Fifty percent of New Yorkers and fifty-one percent of Californians want Sen. Clinton to drop out of the race (thirty-eight percent of Californians want her to stay) for the Democratic nomination. Sen. Obama has a nation-wide approval rating in the mid-60's. Clinton has never broken 45% since 2000. She may be famous, but it appears that people's opinions of her are set, and they can only go down from here. How quickly the mighty fall. Is she in a terminal decline? It's hard to say.

But if she takes this to the convention and tries to nab the nomination through procedural wrangling...I won't vote for her. I'll leave my ballot blank. Because, on the GOP side, I'll hate McCain's policy proposals and temperament. And on the Dem side, I won't trust her character and convictions, and I am disgusted with her lack of humility and her never-ending psycho-drama of a public life.

Please forgive this little summary, but this is how I feel the primary will turn out:

Hillary Clinton: I am afraid Obama cannot win. I am afraid we will be attacked politically, but we know all my scandals. I am afraid, so vote for me. Me Me Me.

Obama: I am not afraid. Work with my campaign to change politics. Not me. We.

So whom are you voting for?

If a candidate is scared now, how will they act while in office? That's why the Senator from Illinois has my vote. Go Obama!

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