Sunday, May 25, 2008


42 minutes and thirty-five seconds. That's the time it took to run five miles this morning in Boston's Run to Remember. My actual time is probably shorter, but I'm just going off the time on the clock when I crossed the finish line. Approx. 8.5 miles an hour.

The route began at Boston's World Trade Center - surprisingly beautiful up close. From afar, it's always struck me as resembling an unfortunate double-wide, with an Epcot Center theme. From there, it ran into downtown, along Atlantic Avenue, and then curving along Government Center. Up to Cambridge Street, down to Charles Street, and then to Boylston, Washington, Post Office Square, and back over the bridge to the SeaPort. The weather was (and is still) gorgeous. Bright sunlight, cool breeze, azure sky. And a lot of hotties along the way ;-) (with apologies to SS).

Much fun was had with my friends - the Danimal is heading to Holland this week, so I likely won't see him again :-( until the end of the summer. After the race, we got these really rad medals, which we wore without shame to Quincy Market and wandered about amongst the lumbering tourists.

I am sort of toying with running a marathon in the future. Danimal invited me to run with him in the Philadelphia marathon this November, and tells me there's still plenty of time to train...I think I have at least one in me, though I will have to ponder on it a little. What do you think, gentle reader?

Photos to follow...

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