Saturday, May 24, 2008

One...Thrilling Combination

Singular Sensation and I went to the ICA, and then walked along the harbor…and then got hotdogs at Quincy Market, then canoli’s at Mike’s Pastries. Then walked to Copley and bought some veggies for me (I’m making a repeat of my past dish at my friend’s on Memorial Day). Then back to my place. A five hour date. He’s quick with a quip, and has fiery Portuguese blood in him. He’s heading out of town for the weekend, but we’ll see each other on Wednesday.

I hate to say I have a good feeling about this one, since when I say these things, the gentleman caller in question usually runs away shortly thereafter, or has a secret rhinoceros horn hidden in his spiked hair… but I like SS. I like him a lot. I’m seeing him on Wednesday – probably a DVD and then a beer or something. He’s fun to talk to, which is the best quality a partner can ever have. Besides obscene wealth. But I’m a paper plate kind of gal, so I don’t necessarily have to marry a billionaire…

Shout out to SS, who’s likely visiting for the first time. Try the sangria! It’s my friend Vanessa’s recipe!

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