Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Such A Perfect Blendship

Yet another fluff piece by CNN. This weeks advice for the socially inept among us: how to end a friendship.

Hey BBF, want to go fishing on Lake Tahoe with me?

For those of you that don’t wish to read the article (probably because you have…you know…lives), it’s basically a bunch of anecdotes about women getting pissy at each other for no reason, and then over-analyzing it to death. Didn't Penthouse do that once?

CNN offered absolutely no applicable insight on these types of situations – just listing a bunch of wishy-washy do-what-ever-feels-right crap. I am also disappointed that the option of defecating in your now ex-friend’s sink was absent from the list. Take that, Non-Friend and Richard the Mortal!!! (Yeah, I wish). That is all.

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