Friday, May 23, 2008

Best Buddy Is Back

I’m back. For good.

Sitting here in my one-room apartment in Chinatown, surrounded by the hum of I-90 and the jackhammers on the nearby street that eerily remind my of my mother's sewing machine...with a sink full of dirty dishes after spending the evening cooking and drinking with the nice cool May breeze wafts across the Esplanade and the miserable admin people at my law school tabulate my grades...I realize I am happy.

Richard the Mortal is gone from my life for good. He doesn’t have the tools necessary to form a friendship. I left him to himself and his insipid newt of an ex-boyfriend. I hope he can find happiness, because he could not share any with me.

I met a guy in January, and dated him for three months. Then he up and decided to tell me he felt nothing. But, he emphatically stated, he wished to remain friends…I never got a single one of my phone calls returned – not one. So the theology prodigy is gone. Alot of back-story, but he really doesn't merit it, in the end.

I had alot of anger to deal with, and sort of shut down emotionally while I was preparing for, and then taking, my second round of final exams.

But I've done nothing for a straight (ha!) week. Read a book on the Battle of Hastings. Started running 4.5 miles a day (in theory). And now I’m back. For good.

Hence Richard the Mortal’s banishment, and my finally getting the gumption to delete both the afore mentioned gentlemen’s email addresses, telephone numbers, and de-friending them from Facebook.

I met a really nice guy yesterday – he is kind, articulate, and seems warm. He’s a human resources guru, and loves musical theatre – even acted – his fave musical is A Chorus Line. I hence dub him Singular Sensation.

I am almost afraid to tell too much, lest he leave my life too quickly. Then I’d have to explain it to everyone, just like with the Theology Prodigy. We’re going to the ICA tomorrow to look at Very Deep Art. I’ll keep you posted.

Also: I love Barak Obama, wish Hillary Clinton would actually listen to herself once and awhile, love my friends, and feel like things are beginning to look up again.

Watch out, The-Blue-Line, I’m back.

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